These days agencies are under huge pressure not to over service clients and to retain a level of profitability. Most have cumbersome transaction systems presenting big challenges in extracting and reporting data, which is why most is done in Excel- a widespread problem from small independents all the way through to the global networks.  The main issue with Excel is that data can be manipulated, and it forces largely manual processes.

We’d like to introduce you to BizView.

BizView, easily integrates with an agency’s other business systems, now giving them the agility and transparency they so desperately require.

In the 20 years we’ve been working with agency reporting, budgeting and forecasting, this has never been easy. With BizView, Agency DNA can change that by bringing a next generation solution ideally suited to agencies whilst using all your Excel skills.

BizView is rich in features and benefits.  

  • Quick and efficient to implement
  • East to use, you can leverage your Excel skills
  • Connects directly to your existing ERP
  • Cost effective

Reporting and Analysis

BizView Reporting and analysis makes important information easily accessible to decision makers at all levels. Provide decision makers with the power to analyse important business data, understand trends, and make better decisions. Everything available in BizView through their web-browser.

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Forecasts and Budgets

BizView is a web-based complete solution for forecasting, budgeting, reporting and analysis. Users on all levels can easily access relevant information and get support for their decisions. The entire organisation can quickly adjust and fine-tune their forecasts and plans.

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The BizView Dashboard enables organisations to visualise key performance indicators and trends with stunning graphics. Easily create attractive dashboards visualising your defined strategic and tactical goals. Only your imagination sets the limits. The BizView Dashboard is the foundation for effective performance management of your business.

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We are running a series of online BizView demonstrations.  If you'd like to see BizView in action please complete the form below and indicate which demo session you'd be interested in attending.   If you're unable to attend an online please indicate and we will get back in touch with you shortly to arrange a one-to-one demo.

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