"One of the global ad industry's greatest systems and financial analysts.".

Michael Farmer, Award Winning Author, Madison Avenue Manslaughter

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The UK creative industry is not innovating fast enough

The UK creative advertising and production industry is not a great innovator.  I am no way suggesting this in respect of the craft, the brilliant thought and creative execution for which it is a world leader... Read more...

What do clients want? Give them the reporting they need...

Agencies struggle to produce the information to satisfy their own internal reporting needs, let alone for how their clients want or need their relevant information. Read more...

Valuing and tracking the deliverables. The latest ground swell movement.

There is a ground swell movement within creative advertising looking to kill off time as a means of determining client fees... Read more...

Get a good system to improve your communications delivery.                

Greatness is hard to achieve in advertising with 84% of ads not getting noticed or remembered, and with creative execution the second biggest driver of ... Read More...

How we can help you

Reporting & Business Model Development

We produce reporting packs that are in use on a regular basis across the world, and our business plan models have underpinned $US400M of M&A deal value. Update your data locally, and aggregate/consolidate it globally.

Systems Audits, Selection Advice

How many systems do you have and do they support your growth and ideal of staff productivity? We audit current setups and guide clients through the minefield of options. See what your future can look like today.

System Implementation & Training

We "walk the talk". Successful system implementations don’t just happen, and our expertise in over 30 full life cycle ERP implementations, and 20 reporting and planning solutions, is at your disposal. We deliver value.

Data Cleansing & Warehousing

Poor processes leading to bad data build up can compromise your whole investment. We evaluate and correct input processes, clean and remap data to make it more useful. We use Azure to warehouse unlimited data quantities.

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