Reporting and analysis to make important information easily accessible to decision makers at all levels. Provide decision makers with the power to analyse important business data, understand trends, and make better decisions. 

Streamline and get control of your reporting process


BizView speeds up and gives control over the reporting process. Making sure both your internal and external reporting comply with your standards in a new and simplified way. BizView can handle everything from small organisations to multi-company installations with operational consolidation and currency management. In addition, the built-in support for workflow gives you control of the process.

Get down to the details


From structured reports, end-users can drill-down to more analytical reports and further to individual transactions. If there is a supplier invoice scanning system in use, users can open the corresponding supplier invoice by clicking the transaction*.

Users can save snapshots of a report to the BizView document archive or save a report to Excel with perfect formatting retained including formulas

Leverage your existing Excel skills – create your own solutions


A controller or other administrator can design great looking reports utilising BizView’s Excel-like flexible design tool. Start from existing report templates. Create everything from very simple to extremely powerful and complex reports with formulas and functions like in Excel. Attach customised help instructions to reports to help your end-users.

Connect to different data sources

BizView can be integrated with a variety of data sources and databases. In addition, there are ready-made integration packages for a variety of ERP-systems.

BizView Reporting and analysis is fully integrated with BizView’s other functions for planning, forecasting and dashboards.

BizView Reporting and analysis are used for:

  • Sales and revenue reporting
  • Cost modelling, including staff, operating, financial expenses and cost allocations
  • Management reporting packs, combining financial and operational reports
  • Financial reports, including integrated P&L, balance sheet and cash flow reports
  • Operational reports, including client, job profitability, utilisation and capacity planning reports
  • Estimating and pricing
  • HR data management and distribution, eg updating salary cost forecasts
  • KPI analysis
  • Financial consolidations
  • Currency conversion
  • Data warehouse

* Function depends on the scanning system capabilities

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