BizView – the preferred solution for corporate management at LINX

Guess who has become the preferred solution for corporate management at LINX?

With over 740 network operators connecting from 72 different countries worldwide, the LINX operation demands extremely solid support systems.

BizView is described by many as “a new market standard for corporate management”. And now, together with Agency DNA, our partner in the UK, we are proud to include Linx into the ever growing global family of BizView users.

LINX is a mutual, not-for-profit organisation, owned and governed by its members. It is an open community of network operators, interconnecting and passing traffic, to maintain and grow an “Internet for everyone”, all without interference.

The main objectives of LINX is to provide world-leading internet exchange points for the mutual benefit of members, and to represent the inter­ests of its members in matters of public interest.

With more than 700 members around the world, the need for a reliable, flexible and cost effective tool for planning and reporting is crucial. LINX will benefit from the unique package which makes BizView, and implement it as a tool for forecast­ing, budgeting, planning, reporting and analytics.

Another important showcase

Jens Karlsson, VP Global Partner Program at Bizview says “It is with great pride we now announce LINX as new BizView client. Agency DNA have done yet another excellent job, approaching the market and LINX with great commitment! For Bizview, LINX is a major name to add into our portfolio, a new proof that our solutions really stand out as special. Something we couldn’t have done without the great partnership with Agency DNA.”

For more information, contact Chris Lever, +44 (0)20 3394 0046, or VP Global Partner Program at Bizview Systems, Jens Karlsson, +46 707 352205 or For more about LINX, contact CFO Malcolm Holt,

About BizView

BizView is a software solution for forecasting, budgeting, reporting, analysis and consolidation. The software has a Web-based Excel-like user interface, combined with powerful workflow management. BizView is an open solution that also fits well with Qlik’s and Microsoft's solutions. BizView is developed by Bizview Systems, with offices in Scandinavia. BizView is marketed by a professional, global partner network. Today there are over 1,000 companies with implemented solutions from Bizview Systems.