Agencies typically use spreadsheets for their budgeting, forecasting and reporting processes, but as they grow these become compromised and untrustworthy.  Our Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution combines data from multiple data sources, lets you update forecasts against real-time actuals and gives you a broader view of your agency’s performance.

We deliver integrity to your forecasts and reporting, and allow you to make more timely and better informed decisions.


a complete solution for forecasting, budgeting, reporting and analysis

BizView is one of the Nordic's leading systems for forecasting, budgeting, reporting, analysis and consolidation. The software provides a web-based Excel-like user interface on a well-structured SQL database, with powerful workflow management. BizView is an open solution that connects easily to most ERP's and fits well with business intelligence offerings, such as Qlikview and Microsoft BI. BizView is developed and marketed by BizView Systems in Scandinavia, and is available to UK clients through Agency DNA. Over 1000 companies use the solution worldwide, and it can be applied to any area where spreadsheets are used. BizView is quick to implement and develop, and is exceptionally well-priced for any sized business. Highly recommended.

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