Report and plan with precision, accuracy and confidence!  We’re not suggesting that you don’t, however we are suggesting that many agency systems struggle to satisfy internal reporting needs, let alone that of their demanding clients’.
Fact, there is no one system.  Even the most expensive ones that offer so much don’t easily allow access to your data, leaving reporting a weak link and defaulting to Excel. As for forecasting, that’s usually fixed in Excel too, or an online spreadsheet! 
In this fast-paced digital world, it’s essential that you can access your data from wherever you are, update it easily with new intel, and get the insight to whoever needs it fast to make the right decision. In these scenarios, Excel just doesn’t cut it.
Having data from all your systems in one place for reporting and planning, with direct connections to the source and replacing a mass of unconnected spreadsheets, will provide you with unbridled power. Analyse and forecast with confidence, report accurately, on time – to your Board and your clients. You’ll be a super hero!

Streamline and take control of your reporting process quickly

With its Excel-like interface and a database at its core, BizView empowers users and secures data. A cloud-based system, BizView brings everything into the one platform for real-time analysis, reporting and forecast updating. Priced to compete, BizView is accessible to small organisations and scalable to multi-company, multi-currency installations. Built in workflows allows you to control your entire planning and reporting process. Now that’s powerful.

Get down to the detail with ease

With direct connections to source data, users can drill-down to transaction details, run analytical reports on the fly, update forecasts and send reports in real-time or scheduled as needed. Your numbers will never be in doubt again.

Leverage your existing Excel skills – create your own solutions

Templates can be crafted in Excel and uploaded into BizView’s template design tool. Advanced users can also adapt existing templates or design great looking new ones, all by leveraging their Excel skills.

Connect to different data sources without hassle

Did we say BizView can be integrated with a variety of data sources and databases?  Maconomy, MS Dynamics NAV and AX, Xero and SAGE are just some of the connections we’ve made, but there are plenty of others too.

Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself.