BizView Dashboard enables organisations to visualize key performance indicators and trends with stunning graphics. Easily create attractive dashboards visualizing your defined strategic and tactical goals. Only your imagination sets the limits. BizView Dashboard is the foundation for effective performance management of your business.

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Logi analytics

Dashboards & Reports

Dashboards and reports are core to delivering information and analytics understanding across the enterprise. We enable both technology professionals and the business users they support to create, interact with, and share a wide range of data visualizations, dashboards, and reports to anyone who needs them.


Analytics Platform for Technology Professionals

Logi Info is a business analytics platform for rapidly creating analytic applications, deploying scalable dashboards and reports, delivering managed self-service analytics to business users, and embedding analytics into the applications workers use every day.


Self-Service Analytics for the Workgroup

Logi Vision is the first visual analytics application designed for workgroup collaboration. Vision empowers business users to acquire data, analyze information, create visualizations, and share insights for faster, better-informed decisions.

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