It frustrates me when I still see time and time again that agency professionals, and not necessarily the small ones, still cobble together Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and/or Access to report on their financial and client accounts.

I appreciate that Finance, agency owners, directors, account mangers, creatives and traffic managers are still faced with legacy systems and struggle to find the most effective way to integrate their teams. They are however not looking for new innovative solutions to help them on their way.

It is through lack of choice and without the industry pushing for change, job management and accounting systems have left many agencies still in the dark. Most available systems are dated and cumbersome and all non cloud systems still requiring high levels of technical skill to implement and manage them. They require constant upgrading and therefore a large percentage of agencies are still running on old versions.  When it comes to multi sites - well there's a whole new can of worms with different servers for different countries.

It's time for change, but not many agency Financial and operational professionals are open to change.  They stick with what they know and feel safe with. Naturally they are not risk takers, so keep away from new solutions.  However the ones that are and there are a few out there, are rewarded heavily by moving their agency forward into the future.  Effortlessly they see more integration and have fully visabilitiy of their business. Jobs are run more profitably, clients are happy as there can be a much or as little reporting as required at the touch of a button.

It is time for change and time for the entire agency team to become more accountable for the success of the business.

By Emma Lever