Choosing The Right ERP System

Choosing an ERP system for any business can be a minefield for many people.  With the number of solutions available, some wholly suitable for advertising and marcomms agencies, some not, getting to the bottom of each system and its functionality can be a long and laborious task. Speaking to the vendors directly can cloud and confuse decisions.

Many businesses therefore by default stay with a solution they are already using and simply upgrade (at significant financial cost) or move to a solution that has been used by incoming employees in previous roles.  Thus again not looking at the wider field, and in many cases not making the right decision for the business.

Change, a word that frightens many and excites a few.  Moving away from a solution that is familiar but not always fit for purpose is an emotive decision, and one not always easily agreed amongst other members of the team ie production, client services, despite the ambition of embracing a new and exciting solution that will benefit the business and the people that work within it.

Keeping up to date with what’s going on in ERP, CRM, CPM, cloud and SaaS can be time consuming and quite frankly unless it’s something that is of current interest, can be quite a dry subject. 

So how do you keep up to speed? 

That’s where Business Systems Consultancies (BSC) come in.  No longer left in the hands of the vendor, BSCs are trusted partners that spend their time analysing the market with a full understanding of what is available, and using their knowledge of the industry and the market to match the right business system to the agency.

It doesn’t stop there.  Once the solution is agreed a BSC can implement and tailor the system to fit the agency, they train and offer an after sales service that usually puts the vendors own to shame. 

Commercial data can no longer sit in silos within an agency. It needs to be joined up and accessible, and reporting should be seamless. 

Unless you have a single solution that can do this (without the intervention of Excel) you should be seriously questioning whether your system is fit for purpose.